Aus Flight Handling Pty Ltd provides a range of aviation ground handling solutions with a team of highly trained and certified team members.  All staff undergo intensive aviation training including the completion of a Certificate III in Aviation Ground Handling and all our supervisors are currently undergoing the Certificate IV in Aviation Supervision and this is to ensure we give the highest quality experience to our airline partners guests at all times.


So very relieved and grateful for your prompt action in securing my mobile phone and follow-up call. Thank you to the cleaning staff who found my phone in the seat pocket for their integrity and honesty and all staff involved in returning my phone. All cards and cash intact, unbelievable! You are amazing, I will be forever grateful.


February 2024 Coffs Harbour Airport

Passenger Experience & Check-In

Our team are highly trained to provide a comprehensive range of services in order to provide passenger satisfaction and to maintain our partners standards.
    .    Check in
    .    Ticketing & Reservations
    .    Baggage Services
    .    Boarding Gate
    .    Flight disruptions
    .    Transfer and Arrival Services
    .    Flight disruption 

Ramp Handling

Our ramp handling team strive for perfection.  With safety at the forefront of every action, our dedicated team strive to exceed OTP of our partners whilst providing a seamless ramp experience.
    .    Aircraft Receipt & Dispatch
    .    Aircraft loading and unloading
    .    Baggage Transfer
    .    Pushback & Towing
    .    Cargo loading and unloading
    .    Cabin Cleaning
    .    Catering Services
    .    De-Icing
    .    Aircraft Waste and Water servicing

Cargo Handling

Our team of trained and certified cargo handling operators efficiently move freight across the country and across the world, using the latest in aviation cargo technology.
    .    Freighter Operations
    .    Freighter load and unload
    .    Cargo Receipt
    .    Cargo dispursement
    .    Quarantine
    .    Load Control

Airline Representation

Aviation is becoming a more complex and competitive industry, with government regulation and industry standards moving with the current environment.  Aus Flight Handlings' focus is to ensure compliance with these regulatory bodies in all areas of our operation.
    .    Airline Representation
    .    Load Control
    .    Supervision
    .    Audits and Compliance
    .    Airport Authority Liaison

Charter Services

With locations throughout Regional Australia, Aus Flight Handling provide endless charter services for a myriad of aviation clients.
    .    Meet and Greet
    .    Flight Planning
    .    Quarantine and Inspection
    .    Catering Services
    .    Refuelling Services
    .    Concierge Services